Oh, it’s Valentine’s day?

I hadn’t heard.

I started my early morning with a quick super sweaty workout:

*30 minutes on the elliptical, doing intervals*

Today was my first day back in the gym (except for yoga) since I got sick, which was last week! Too long ago, I need to feel the sweat!

I hurried home, showered, made a quick breakfast, and then darted off to study for an afternoon midterm (let’s not talk about that).

A turkey burger, some broccoli/spinach, and two yolky eggs all cooked in some coconut oil. Delish, and sooo filling.  I packed some chopped red bell pepper, baby carrots,  cantaloupe, and some raw almonds to snack on throughout the day.  I was worried it wouldn’t be enough, but I didn’t feel hungry once. I’m usually always hungry when i’m stuck on campus, but I guess that was probably due to all the carbs I ate.

Since we went to dinner for Valentine’s day on Sunday, we kept it casual tonight.  I whipped up a pretty quick and super delicious fish dinner.

I brushed some homemade-mostly-paleo-tangy bbq sauce (there’s a little bit of honey in it) on the fish, coated it in chopped walnuts, then it was seared in a pan with some coconut oil.  A quick trip to the oven finished the fish off in about ten minutes! Topped with avocado it was delicious, super flavorful, and really healthy. win/win/win!

walnut crusted halibut

On the side some roasted asparagus, topped with a tiny bit of parmesan cheese.  Again, not 100% paleo, but today can have some exceptions, right? Riiiiight

Thanks for a great Valentine’s day Cj!


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