I’m not usually much of a complainer (ok, that’s a lie), but these past few days have been crazy stressful and just not fun.

I’m crying myself a river, just go with it.  3 midterms in 46 hours just about killed me.  My eyes are burning as we speak. It’s times like these I can’t wait to graduate, and when I truly start appreciating my slow cooker.

A few days ago I knew if I didn’t prepare food ahead of time I’d end up caving and eating (read: binging) on non-paleo grain filled crap on campus.  So I threw some beef stew meat, chopped tomatoes, seasonings, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, and chicken stock in the slow cooker, put it on low, and then forgot about it.  Really, I forgot about it and had to wake up in the middle of the night to shut it off and move it to the fridge. I’m surprised I didn’t forget to pack it up and take with to school with me.

I remembered, and I really enjoyed a hot comforting meal in the middle of my week.  Now I just need a slow cooker with a timer! then my life would be complete.

After work and my late night midterm (worst thing ever!) I was stressed and exhausted and was contemplating starchy ricey carbs, but Cj was wonderful and offered to by me anything in my favorite health food store for dinner.  All I wanted was a salad, so I hit up the cold bar. It was awesome topped with a turkey burger I cooked up from home.

I swear there was a shit ton of toppings under all that spinach.  I only bought toppings and used spinach from home. Love saving a dolla! or Cj’s dollas, whatever.

I’m gonna do my best to not be a couch potato and actually get some house chores done, we’ll see how that goes.  Can’t wait for yoga class tonight!

Oh, and in case ya need a little chuckle, here’s this..

haha which on are you?!


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  1. lovetotrain says:

    oh my gosh thats hilarious!! i realllyyy need to get a crockpot! that stew sounds FABULOUS

    1. it tasted like home! haha get one, it’ll change your life! I have the cheap one from walmart, no problems yet!

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