A Training Plan First

Today marks the end of my existence. Too dramatic?

I’ve always been one to read over training plans, contemplate them, and then decide, “nahhh.”

Well folks, I found one and I AM STICKING TO IT.

I found this baby through the new Fitness magazine (thanks for that subscription Cj, I get the subtle hints) and decided that since it starts at zero running ability it would be perfect for me. Normally the ones I find start with the ability to easily run 3 miles.  Psshhh, as if that’s ever been me.

I plan on slogging through the first 3 miles today, and then wanting to die right after. Should be fun!

As pre-fuel I drank a small cup of coffee and ate a few strawberries, my favorite.

After Reading Mark’s article yesterday on caffeine consumption before exercise i figured it couldn’t hurt. I need all the extra boost I can get.

Oh, and for that coconut I mentioned last night…. here it is in all it’s glory

SOOO good, I’m obsessed. Cj might be too.

Off to knock out tres miles !

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