I Survived The First 3

I am sooo sore. I guess it feels good? In a sucky booyah sort of way.

Yesterday was the second day of my training plan, although it felt like the first because yoga didn’t feel like training on day one.

I knocked out 3 really slow miles, with some walking in between.  I just made it my goal to jog more than I walked, and luckily I made it.

I whipped up food as soon as my sweaty self was clean.

Breakfast: two eggs, broccoli, chicken, and some salsa.

Super delish, I actually had it again this morning.

While on campus I munched on some raw almonds, but was really hungry when I finally got home, so a huge salad it was.

Lunch: spinach salad with pickles, a korean short rib, a sprinkling of feta, and some green bell pepper.

Dinner was weird, and I blame it on yoga. 7 is such an akward time. I the some roasted green beans before yoga (50 min sport yoga), and after I had a bison burger slider with a fried egg. Of course I munched on dried coconut all. day. long.

For yoga, since we get a a credit for it, we had to make an art project.  check out mine!

chakras project

It’s a hanging thing of the 7 chakras, their colors, names, and locations. I actually love it, better get an A.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta get my hands on some coffee and coconut.


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