Liar Liar Pants on Fire

ugh, sometimes I just suck.  In the past week I’ve sucked at blogging, sucked at staying on paleo track, and sucked at following my training schedule.


I could give you a bunch of excuses, like how my brother just got into town and is staying with us, how it’s almost finals week and I’m stressed beyond belief, or how it’s been SNOWING (WTF?!), but really it just boils down to me making the wrong decisions.

Once again, booooo.

Today started out super good as far as being back on track, and then bam! The cravings hit. After work I headed to the store and picked up some things to “make my brother enchiladas”.  All it took was one whiff and I gobbled three up. At least they were corn tortillas, and I avoided gluten.

Other than my enchilada snafu, I feel like I can finally stay back on the paleo bandwagon.  Except this Saturday when Cj and I splurge for our anniversary.  I post all about those glorious eats, don’t you worry.

Anyhoo, check out some recent paleo approved eats. Some of them were ahhhhmazing!

That would be some butternut squash and cauliflower in a pot with garlic and chicken stock.  Doesn’t sound too amazing, but let me tell you it turned into something fantastic. After cooking for a bit  I threw it into the food processor and processed the crap out of it with a little bit of coconut oil and voila! t’was the best not potato mash ever.

Served up with some chicken tenders breaded in almond flour and spices, this is a meal we could eat every.  single. night.  YUM.

Thanks to my new cookbook (aka the best cookbook ever) for the mash recipe! and the following egg muffin recipe.

It all started with some chopped bell peppers and green onions…

Add in some eggs, bake, and magic happens. Muffins appear.

These are also super good, great for quick breakfasts throughout the week, and I can’t wait to mix up the flavors and maybe add some meat in.

Last delicious eat, since yesterday was National pancake day I had to celebrate. Duh.

Best paleo pancakes ever!! I used almond flour, which turned out way better than the coconut flour pancakes I made. Topped with some maple syrup (ok ok, not paleo) and some fruit cooked up in coconut oil.  Can I please eat this every day? With some chicken fingers, and I’m alllll good.

Can’t wait to start fresh tomorrow! Hopefully it’s dry in the morning so I can hit up the track.  Be back tomorrow, promise promise 🙂

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  1. ahh sometimes you just have to give in a little 🙂 but if you listen to some of the paleo podcasts a lot of them have varying opinions on what people can and can’t have.. if a person can tolerate corn then that’s cool, eat up! That is what is so great about the paleo diet 🙂 It’s whatever works for you.

    But I know what you mean about getting back on track – I had an oober amount of nuts this weekend and yes it’s paleo approved, it’s not tummy approved haha

    I LOVE the comfort foods cook book!!!! I’ve made so many things out of it.. I also like make it paleo by primal palate.

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