Inn at the 5th and Some More Lying

Don’t you love it when someone says they’ll be back, and then they aren’t? Ya, me too. Not.

I honestly don’t even remember what “stopped” me from blogging last week, but whatever it was I know it wasn’t really a good reason.  I need to blog because it keeps me on track!


Over the weekend Cj and myself celebrated our two year anniversary in swanky style. He surprised me with a getaway at Inn at the 5th, a brand new boutique hotel here in town.  LOVED IT!! As I’ve mentioned before, I took this weekend as a break from 100% paleo eating.  I’m definitely feeling it in a not so good way, but more on that later.

When I got home Friday from studying I walked into this…

and this…

Not such a bad thing to come home to, let me tell ya. After we checked in (and felt wayyyy too underdressed for the place) we took about a million pictures. Seriously, that many.

I loved the bathroom light!

Oh ya, we’re movin in…

After I did my picture thing, Cj made me hide in the bathroom. I didn’t think I was that underdressed.

Once I was allowed out, I forgave him..

Fresh rose petals and pina coladas! woohoo, party up in here. About this time we were starving, so we headed to find some grub.  The hotel is located in a little mini shopping mall, so really finding food wasn’t too hard.  Maybe too easy.

We decided on Bricks, which is an artisan burger and sandwich joint.

I had a salad and Cj had a burger. Predictable much?

Hold the tomatoes, this salad was fantastic! and mostly paleo, win/win

Cj’s burger was pretty good too, and the fries were just how we like them: super crispy! He had some fun photographing the burger…

You know I couldn’t see sweet potato fries on the menu and not give them a fair try

Yumm! It was such a good meal to start our “getaway”, we’ll most deff be heading back to Bricks sometime in the not so far future.

After food, we walked around some shops and found some sweet treats.

Ginger chews and gelato and bacon pickles, whoop whoop!

Rum raisin and hazelnut

Why didn’t I get these?!? Ahh, like I need a reason to go back.

Walking around was nice, but I really just wanted to be lazy and lounge in our fancy shmancy hotel room, so that’s what we did.


For a midnight snack we ordered some pommes frites from room service.  Told ya swaaaanky. There’seven a little cubby for room service deliveries, they put them in from the hall way.  Feels like magic when you open it up and there’s food in there.

^ Definitely not the pommes frites.

So so sooooo good.

Also so good were the bathrobes we wore the ENTIRE time.  I really need to invest in a good robe, nothing like it.

Before passing out, we filled out the breakfast room service card.  I don’t think they could’ve made us feel more like royalty

When we woke up Breakfast was waiting!

Ahhmazing! Especially that buttery baguette.

After we ate we lounged some more before packing up.  We had an early lunch date with my Mom and brother.

We were sad to leave our luxurious new life, but had the best time and couldn’t recommend this hotel enough.  We’re already planning our next getaway!


As for the whole not paleo eating thing, I feel gross and bloaty and puffy today.  After the hotel I had a bunch of meals over the weekend that were the furthest thing from paleo. Oh well, splurge and move on. I’m so looking forward to paleo eats again!


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