Finally, Fish Tacos (Paleo Style)

I have been craving fish tacos like no other lately! Kinda weird since a year ago I wouldn’t even touch the things. Oh, how things have changed.

Before going paleo, if I saw fishy tacos on a menu I pretty much always ordered them. Of course as soon as I can’t have them they become one of the foods I can’t get off my mind.

Luckily for my cravings, and for Cj’s sanity, there’s a recipe for my beloved dish in The Paleo Comfort Foods Cookbook.

Yesterday afternoon I made the slaw and let it sit in the fridge alllll day.  Ya know, so the flavors could blend and meld and all that culinary mumbo jumbo (really, it’s cause I was bored). I also whipped up the chipotle cream recipe, but couldn’t find paleo approved chipotle peppers, so I thought it would be fine without.

I was wrong. It turned out sooooo limey and tart, it really needed those darn peppers.  I ended up just throwing a small dollop if it into a mashed avocado for some quick guac. Now that turned out gooooood.

Next, I threw together the coconut flour tortillas (also from the comfort cookbook).  So easy and barely any ingredients. Too easy maybe? I definitely don’t need to be making these too often.

They tasted pretty much like the coconut flour biscuits I’ve whipped up, but in tortilla form.  I don’t even want to think about how good they’d be with strawberries and chocolate hazelnut butter.

With about everything ready, Cj and I ran out to the mall real quick, where he spoiled me at World Market.  LOVE that place.

When we got home I marinated the fish real quick for a bout 15 minutes, then threw it on the stove and cooked it up in coconut oil.  While cooking that, I reheated the tortillas, and brought out the guac and slaw.

Tastiest paleo fish tacos ever!!! only paleo fish tacos ever, but still, I know they’re the best.

The fish was flavorful, not fishy tasting at all.  The slaw was tart but not too sour (like it was when I first made it), and the guac added some smooth creaminess.  The tortillas topped everything off, but I imagine the tacos would be just as tasty wrapped up in some lettuce.

Can’t wait to make these again! and to eat the leftovers for lunch 🙂


On a slightly different note, check out what happened overnight…

What the eff?!?! It’s spring now, and we finally get some real snow.

I’ll never understand Oregon weather.

Can’t be too upset about it, I got the day off work!


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