Tasty T-Bones

Yesterday’s dinner was pretty ahhhmazing.

While running all our errands we made sure to hit up our local butcher shop for some quality grass-fed/free range meats.

Good choice.  While we were ordering up our usuals (bacon, chicken breasts, and ground beef), the butcher man reeled in Cj like no other. Before I could point out the juicy looking pork chops, we were on our way out with two t-bone steaks and  giant hole in his wallet.  Dinner couldn’t have come soon enough.

I hear a grill is the best tool for cooking these beauties up, but since we’re grill-less folks we whipped out the grill pan.  Almost as good, minus the smokey house.

I seasoned them up with s&p and some seasoning blend that’s only found in the great state of Cali. Once the grill pan was insanely hot I threw those bad boys down.

They seared for about 3 minutes a side before hitting the oven at 450 for about 8 minutes. After a 10 minute rest they were perfectly cooked medium rare.

We enjoyed our steak feast with some garlicky cauli mash and fresh veggies for crunch.

sadly that ranch was all Cj's

Aaaaannd a hard cider to share.  I’ll take a quality dinner on the couch in sweatpants over a fancy shmancy restaurant any day.


Breakfast this morning was almost as good, but I’m guessing that’s because it involved the leftover steak and leftover satay chicken.

I cooked up the leftover meats with some broccoli in the bacon fat, then cracked in a few eggs.  Served with avocado, we had a delicious and supa filling breakfast. That bacon is THE BEST BACON EVER. It’s also way cheaper than crappy grocery store bacon, and there’s nothing added.

I think Cj is having a love affair with it, check this picture I found on my phone…

Someone’s in loooveeee.


For lunch, we headed out for some Goodwill shopping (I always find the coolest sweatshirts) and a much anticipated burger date.  We never knew that Giant Burger, a local burger stop, served 100% local, fresh, grass-fed beef!  Once we found out we started planning our visit. They’re burger menu is huge, but I finally settled on the Bandit Burger.

A 1/3 lb patty w/ grilled onions, green chiles, red and green bell peppers, and guacamole all wrapped in lettuce.

The burger was good, but not worth the 45 minute wait!!!! We couldn’t believe it took so long, there were about 4 ladies working and the place wasn’t that crowded.  Honestly, it was a huge turnoff and kind of put our moods in the pits.

To cheer ourselves up we decided to truly splurge and get fro-yo! (gluten-free of course)

It worked. In fact we were so happy we went on a 3 mile walk.  Maybe it was more a sugar high than happiness, but either way I’m glad.

Now time to enjoy a lazy saturday evening 🙂

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