Mmm, Mmm Chicken Good

Last night’s sweat sesh: 30 min elliptical intervals- whew, I got sweeaaaaty

15 reps, 4 different crunches

plank-45 seconds total (hey, that’s a lot for me.  I was shaking)


Followed by one of the best meals I’ve had in a while.

Carne Asada!! Grilled peppers & onions, all topped with fresh guac. This was soooo good, I couldn’t help but pick at the leftover meat all night long.

It started with 3 peppers sliced…

… and an onion too, all thrown into a pan with coconut oil and a splash of olive oil. I was too distracted by doing my best to not cry like a giant baby to take a picture of them onions.  Damn alliums.

While the veggies were blackening up, I cooked the carne asada on high heat in my cast iron skillet.  If anyone ever tries to rob my apartment I’m looking forward to bashing him with that pan. It weighs a TON.

I mashed up an avocado with some garlic powder, onion powder, and salt & pepper right before topping the meal.  Like I said- this was divine. The meat was super tender and the guac was supa creamy, I never wanted my plate to be empty.

Sadly it was, so I cheered myself up with some dried coconut pieces- the perfect dessert before bed.


This morning didn’t start so sweetly.  I could barely get up, maybe I slept too much? Whatever the reason, coffee was a must.

Mmm, cold coffee.  I can’t stand hot coffee.

When I got to work, I scrambled up two eggs and topped them with some crispy salami.

Loved this combo, can’t wait to have it again tomorrow with some kraut! Gotta get them probiotics.

Lunch was leftover carne asada and peppers/onions.  It was just as delicious, but way uglier. I didn’t even bother snapping a photo, I was too busy chowing down in my car.


When I finally got home, Miss Stephy decided to drag my butt to the gym again.

Sweat Sesh: 1o min on the row machine, followed by 20 min on the bike.

We kept it simple. I’m so not trying to wash my hair everyday. Tryin’ to stay classy over here.


Dinner tonight was just as good as last night’s, except it was chicken-good, not steak-good.

Roasted Chicken, sauteed spinach, and blackened peppers. YUM.

Everything about this meal was simple.  The chicken I rubbed with olive oil, lemon zest, and herb de provence seasoning. When it was almost done cooking at 375, I sprinkled it with salt and cranked the heat up to 425.  Had to get that crisp going.

 The peppers were cooked over med-high heat in some coconut oil, and I sautéed some garlic in butter before throwing in handfuls of spinach.

That’s it. Super easy, and super duper tasty.  I had to hold Cj back from eating all the leftover chicken.

Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s some dried coconut waiting for me…


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    Everything amazing on this page!!

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