Happy Thai Birthday To Me

This morning was crazy.

 I woke up in a mad dash to get dressed, scarf down breakfast, hit up the drive-thru coffee stop, and make it to Cj’s work in time for his break. Not important, but it explains why breakfast was a banana slathered in sun butter and why’s there’s no picture.

Lunch was  bit more calm. I was craving my new favorite tangy dressing, but never bought more spinach.  So I went with the next bet thing and chopped up the leftover iceberg lettuce from last night’s burgers.

Lettuce, even the watery kind, mixed with broccoli, bell peppers, pecans, dried apricots, salami, pickles, and leftover lemon chicken make for a great salad.

Especially when tossed with a 1:1:3 ratio of fig balsamic, olive oil, and mustard. I can’t get the tasty taste out of my mind.

After I inhaled this huge salad, I headed to work for a few hours where I drank most of a kombucha.  Still obsessed with those as well, if only my wallet could support the addiction.

When Cj picked me up after 3 long, slow, boring hours of office work, he suggested we head out for my birthday dinner.  It’s not actually until Tuesday, but I have other plans then, so tonight was the night!

I have been thinking of what I want my birthday cheat meal to be for weeks, and only one meal came up over and over again.  Thai food !! Phad thai and bubble tea are two of the dishes I have missed most since going paleo.

Not anymore 🙂

We split the chicken phad thai with extra vegetables and the yellow curry, which came with a small bowl of rice

Sooo coconutty and good

Instead of getting a birthday cake or dessert this year, I went with my old school favorite: Bubble tea!!!! I’ve always gotten the coconut flavor, but tonight I went crazy and tried almond joy.  Chocolate and coconut, what’s better?

This wasn’t a paleo meal, as it was full of peanuts, sugar, and rice, but it was entirely gluten free. It may sound like a total paleo faileo, but honestly, I’m proud of the choices I made.  Part of me was tempted to go all out italian style, eating bread, pasta, cheesecake, and a mojito.  Instead, I compromised with myself and had one of my favorite meals while staying within reason. And the best part? I enjoyed every bite and don’t regret it.

I even gave the phad thai leftovers to my bestest girl, Stephy. Leftovers are one of the things I love most about going out, I always eat them later that night. Tonight was different.   I enjoyed the meal at the restaurant, stopped when I was full, and that was that.  I don’t need to come home and eat two more servings, and for once I realized that.

sad because I'm giving the leftovers away, giddy because I've never done such a thing

Gosh, 22 years young and I’m smarter and healthier than ever before 🙂 gooood birthday dinner.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Shanny says:

    Happy birthday on Tuesday! Paleo coconut cupcakes instead of birthday cake?

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