Rawr, Birthday Lovin’

Yesterday was my birthday, and today I’m just older.

 I had one of the best days ever, mostly due to Cj and his talent for spoiling me, but first, Monday’s eats.

I don’t remember what breakfast was, but I sure as heck remember lunch.

A spinach and greens salad topped with bacon, a hard egg, avocado, broccoli, and my favorite mustard balsamic vinaigrette.

I’ve been trying to eliminate all sugar from my diet (though in a few minutes it doesn’t seem like it), so I finally stopped using my beloved hot & sweet mustard from TJ’s and switched to regular spicy deli mustard.  Still good, but damn I like the sugar.

Luckily for my blood sugar levels dinner was sugar-free as well.  I finally got myself to cook up a whole chicken.

I used a recipe from one of Ina’s cookbooks (love that woman) for “Jeffery’s Roast Chicken”. It’s a whole chicken stuffed with lemons and garlic, then surrounded by lemons and onions.  Drizzled with salt, pepper, and olive oil, the chicken was ready for roasting.

IT TOOK FOREVER!!!!  It’s hard waiting 90 minutes for a bird to cook, but it was well worth it.

The chicken was super juicy and full of lemony flavor. The lemons were ridiculously soft and delicious to eat. The chicken skin even got nice and crispy.

On the side we had some roasted carrots and parsnips.

One of the best things about cooking a whole chicken is the abundance of leftovers.  Lemon chicken for dayyyyys.


My birthday breakfast was something sweet.  Though I wanted a huge stack of pancakes, I went with a protein shake.  Chocolate protein powder, chocolate almond milk, frozen banana, and some strawberries.  So good, and gone so quick I didn’t snap a picture.

I was tempted to splurge for lunch.  All morning I was thinking about my favorite falafels, giant burritos, veggie burgers, and huge teriyaki chicken sandwiches.  Somehow I played it smart and went with carnitas and guacamole.

 One bite and I loved my decision.  This is sooo good, I love Q’doba.

Good thing I went paleo for lunch, because dinner was definitely a faileo.  I had one of my FAVORITE all time local meals.

Hodgepodge’s Enchilada Chicken.

To die for. I went with the smaller portion because Lord knows I would have downed the entire thing no matter the size.

Cj even got all up close and personal with my meal…

He went with the Hamburger Steak Plate, which was two 1/4 pound burgers on rice, smothered in hawaiian gravy and grilled onions.

Wow, this was amazing as well.  We’ve seen versions of this meal on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, so it was fun to “try” it.

After a yummy dinner, we went in search of a yummy dessert.  The Divine Cupcake won out.


The organic and vegan cupcakery is divine (duh) so we couldn’t hold back.  We left with a gluten free vanilla cherry bomb, a banana’s foster, a banana peanut butter, and a chai cupcake.

We saved the cupcakes for home, and hit up Target first.  My favorite store ever, CJ offered me a birthday shopping trip.

I left with the cutest tank ever, a trashy magazine, some essie polish…

 … and some cute flowers for the bedroom.

I would have thought the shopping, dinner, and dessert was a big enough gift, but not true in Cj’s mind.  He doesn’t seem to understand the concept of modest gift giving.  I’m not complaining.

After we chowed the delicious cupcakes,  he surprised me with a target gift card, TWO BIC bands, a Nom Nom Paleo shirt

and my dream Leopard Print Sperry’s !!!!!

I die!! He definitely outdid himself this birthday, and I couldn’t be more grateful for him and the gifts.

And now back to sugar-free reality….

12 Comments Add yours

  1. Looks like an awesome birthday! I could be wrong, but that roast chicken recipe sounds a lot like the infamous “Engagement Chicken” recipe. 😉

    1. haha does it? too funny!! I’ll have to save this recipe for a few years down the road then 😉

  2. Shanny says:

    Oh, love the Essie colour. That stuff is so, so expensive up here….but it stays on for freaking DAYS! I have the light lavender purple on my toes right now!

    Happy Birthday, looks like a really cool day!

    1. haha It’s so dang expensive everywhere! Loving purples for spring time… or at least what should be spring 🙂

      thank you!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Happy belated birthday! What a sweet man you have 🙂 Everything looks so tasty! And I LOVE your new blog! I’m considering making the switch, but haven’t quite worked up the courage…

    1. Thank you !! The switch to wordpress?! I LOVE it, so so sooo much !!!! deff recommend 🙂 Hope you’re doing good ! can’t believe math was a yearrr ago !

  4. cavegirlcuisine says:

    Happy Birthday!!! You can’t go wrong with leopard print!! 🙂

    1. thank you !! agreed 🙂

  5. starpadilla says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    (side note: your salad looks delish, as always! ha)

    1. Thank you !!! (and thank youu 🙂 )

  6. mariastrate says:

    A paleo Faileo! I’m gonna have to use that one! So funny! SOunds like you had a perfect birthday. I just roasted a chicken in the crock pot. Never done that before and it was amazing. Keep up the good work. I wish I’d started eating healthy at your age. In college all I ate was pasta with marinara, burritos, cereal and beer.

    1. I’ve heard about chicken roasting in crock pots, I’ve got to try it!! Healthy now, not so much the first 4 years of college haha your diet back then sounds pretty much like how mine was, heavy on the cereal. Thanks for stopping by!!

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