Winner Winner Paleo Dinner

Soooooo, about that Whole30 thing.  Needless to say (as my blog absence should be enough explanation) it didn’t go as well as hoped.  I made it about 7 days, then had one bite of froyo.  After this all sugar-free walls came tumbling down.

In the last month I’ve had a good amount of paleo eats, in fact most of my day-to-day eats have been paleo.  There has also been a good amount of not paleo eats, gluten bombs, sugar crashes, and spiked drinks.  I’m not gonna type up excuses because when it comes down to it there are none.  I made the choices I made and I can’t take them back now.

However, starting Monday I’ve been strict paleo, and have only had sugar once.  I feel loads better and I know I won’t end up crashing again.  It just feels too shitty.

Enough with the downer stuff, take a look at some of the divine paleo eats I’ve been enjoying…

Green Curry Brisket a la Nom Nom Paleo.  T’was delicious served over cauli rice.  I love slow cooker meals!

Apple sausages seared and served over sautéed veggies (bell pepper, carrots, broccoli, and celery) and topped with kraut.

One of my faves! Hash medley topped with a fried egg.  Eggs cooked in coconut oil are just too good.

Mmmm, carnitas! Served with sautéed bell peppers and asparagus.  Recipe will come! It was too easy and too good not to share.

Flank steak over blackened peppers and onions, alongside cuban stlye cauli “rice”.

A meat and veggie sauce over sautéed zucchini noodles.  Super good!!

and last, but definitely not least…

Spicy Mexican shrimp over cauli rice.  This was so damn good, I’m making it again soon.  A recipe will follow!

I used our US Wellness Meats shrimp.  Hands down, best shrimp I’ve ever cooked at home.  Can’t wait to order more!

Tomorrow I’ll be back with my regular blogging. I want to start posting recipes! Plus, you guys all help me stay on track 🙂 so THANK YOU!

Oh, one more piece of exciting news… I WON A NOM NOM PALEOS GIVEAWAY!!!! Big kudos to her for an amazing blog, full of delicious recipes and fun giveaways!! Check it out sometime, I guarantee you’ll be drooling 😉

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