Grilled Balls…

Meat balls that is.  Get your head out of the dirty place.

Tonight was night two on the grill, and it was even better than night one.

I mixed ground beef with one egg, salt, and porterhouse seasoning.  Rolled into giant balls and slapped on an oiled grill.

They sizzled away on direct med-high heat.  I rolled them every 5 minutes or so.  While they cooked away I threw some veggies into a grill basket, seasoned them with salt, pepper, and olive oil, and cooked them on direct hight heat.

In the mix also went pineapple and a plantain oiled up with coconut oil.

The meat was devoured by the guys.  It was so flavorful and juicy I can’t imagine having balls any other way.  MEAT BALLS people, meat balls.



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