I Think I’m Sick….

So I have this condition.  It’s a crazy one that has got me craving hot dogs all the time.  Allllll the time. I’m thinking it has something to do with the 85 degree heat ’cause I only have the symptoms come summer time.

I’m not talking just a hot dog either.  I’m talking a huge, grilled, juicy dog stuffed into a huge, fluffy, lightly toasted bun with the usual condiments… and bacon.

Since I’m doing that whole ‘paleo’ thing, a big, fluffy, lightly toasted bun was out of the question and my condition was doomed to rage on.

Until CJ came home with gluten-free buns 🙂 I knew he listened to me sometimes.

Before your panties get twisted, I know gluten-free buns aren’t paleo and I know it’s best to not make “un-paleo” foods paleo.

But Sunday night I just didn’t care, I wanted a cure.  And cured I am.

The bun made the dog, and it being gluten-free made it easy to enjoy without feeling guilt… or a bad stomach ache.  We topped the dogs with a slice of bacon, cholula hot sauce, and dill havarti.   Grilled mushrooms, zucchini, and peppers rounded out the meal.  So did a hard cider 🙂

It’s summer people, live a little


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