Whole30 Stuff

Anyone else have a blistering HOT weekend?

It was 101 Saturday.  ONE HUNDRED ONE DEGREES!!! Are you kidding me?!

I about melted.

We still went on a walk though.  ‘Cause we’re crazy and like to bring ourselves misery. That’s why CJ things I’m doing the Whole30 challenge this month.

Yep, August first I joined in.  I think I was having a dumb moment because I can’t think of any reason I’d voluntarily give up sugar.  Better health? Ehhh, who cares, gimme the sugar. Except not this month.

It’s been 6 full days and I’ve already had a few sugar relapses.  still going grain/legume/dairy free, but man that sugar is addicting.  Ya, ya I technically already failed the Whole30 challenge.  But it’s not over and I’m not diving head first into a sugar coma.

What I have succeeded at during this Whole30, or at least during the last 6 days, is realizing that I eat way too much sugar and come up with far too many excuses to eat gluten free as opposed to grain free.  I’m realizing that the best way to eat in order to feel the best is to follow the Whole30 ALL THE TIME, allowing FEW “indulgences” along the way.  This doesn’t mean a nightly dessert, or a dedicated Saturday cheat day.

It means playing my eats day by day, meal by meal.  Each day on this challenge I’m more able to eat the right foods for my body without effort.  I’m able to just say no to those cupcakes or to those gluten free fried pickles (aka the best things ever) without pain.  I’m learning to feed my body, not my nagging taste buds.

I’ll finish this month out following the Whole30 strictly.  After that it’ll probably continue… just with a few sweet bumps here and there.

Until then, bring on the kale.


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  1. mariastrate says:

    I wish I’d joined you! I love a challenge even though it’s usually all stories aobut all my “oops” moments! ha ha, I know you can relate! My birthday is 9/9 so maybe I can start tomorrow and do it until the big 39 hits in a month. BTW, it’s be 116 here in OK. THe lamp posts are melting. 🙂

    1. Yes, do it !! It’s can be hard but sooo worth it 🙂 it helps a lot of people stuck at a plateau to break through 😉 like me! hahaha finaallllly !

      1. mariastrate says:

        I’m in! I’ll start tomorrow and go until 9/9. well until 9/8 actually since my b-day is 9/9 and I’ll want me a margarita! ok, more like a beer and some cake… we’ll see! I’ll be checking in on you girl!

      2. Wahoo!!! Please do 🙂 after this you’ll really deserve a margarita !

  2. mariastrate says:

    I LOVE that blue picture of that thing-a-ma-jig.

    1. haha thanks!!! who new fire hydrants could be so interesting

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