lazy day off

Lately, I’ve really wanted to work on and improve my photography skills.  So, I’m doing just that. In addition to recipes, expect to see a lot more pretty (hopefully) pictures around these parts.

roasted jalapeño spaghetti squash cakes (grain free)

Let me tell you a little about the weather right now. It sucks. Sure, it’s pretty and sure, it hardly ever snows real snow in Oregon, but I can’t stand it.  It’s really snowing, really reallllllllly snowing.  Like, there are inches of snow outside, I can’t see where the sidewalks end and where the streets…


A little bit of advice for ya:  don’t ever (ever ever) start a whole30 right before Valentine’s day.  The sweets! Pink sugar coated everything has taken over the web, every other instagram post is a new cookie or brownie recipe, and don’t even get me started on the chocolate.  EVERYTHING IS CHOCOLATE.  I love chocolate….

tequila braised short ribs

Tequila and I have a love-hate relationship Pretty much, I hate that I really love it, which is actually funny because I used to hate it.  Like, realllllly hate it (thanks worst hangover of my life).  I don’t know when I started to like it again, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do…