A little bit of advice for ya:  don’t ever (ever ever) start a whole30 right before Valentine’s day.  The sweets! Pink sugar coated everything has taken over the web, every other instagram post is a new cookie or brownie recipe, and don’t even get me started on the chocolate.  EVERYTHING IS CHOCOLATE.  I love chocolate. Needless to say I’m a little bitter about all the desserts out there right now.  I’ll be enjoying a valentine’s treat of fresh pineapple.  Oh, joy.

If you’re on the whole30 too (Meg, I’m talking to you) then perhaps some of these very not sweet things will distract you from those intense chocolate cravings that nag at you all day and all night and no matter how much fat or pineapple you eat they just won’t go away so you start to get grumpy and cranky around the ones you love most.  No? Just me then.  Saawwweeeeet.

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Basically, everything in Target right now. Most of the stuff above is from their dollar section.  I should not be allowed to take my wallet into that store.

This desk!! I have been drooling over white desks for a few months now and finally settled on ordering this one. Now, let the chair hunt begin…

Also for the home, I am determined to make this DIY headboard.  LOVE!

OHMYGOD. Warm Brussels Caesar Salad.  Two of my favorites in one. Can I be Jessica’s bff pleaaaase?

Is this even real? Roasted Jalapeño-Lime Tilapia w/ Cilantro-Manchego-Pepita-Pesto Zucchini Pasta.  Pinch me.

This candle smells like lemon and tea and everything London.  I think that’s what they were going for? It makes me want to go back so badly, and then it makes me realize I won’t have the money for that anytime, ohhh, in the next 30 years.  I still love the candle though.


Reading!! Sometimes I read a lot and sometimes I read not too much.  And then I remember how much I really do love it and I start again.  Currently, I’m reading this devotional each night, but since that only takes a few minutes I’m also reading The Cuckoo’s Calling.  (I’m also OBSESSED with the notebook in this picture.  Again, I shouldn’t be allowed to take money into Target because I will leave with 93885 notebooks).

What should I read next?!

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  1. I bought “It Starts with Food,” but haven’t finished it or started a whole 30 yet. I love the target dollar aisle too. So much good stuff!!

    1. awesome that you’re looking into it though!! Target is the best 🙂 haha and the worst?

  2. Maria says:

    Hey! catching up on my old blog buddies and yours just made me eat half a bag of chocolate chips! Good lord! But they were divine! How about treating yourself to some dark chocolate and a glass of red wine on the 14th? For the “antioxidants” of course.

    1. wiiiiine !!!!! sounds amazing right about now 🙂

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