Paleo Reuben Soup, Ya It’s Good

It’s Wednesday morning, 6:08 am.  All I want to do is sleep.  Normally I’d be fine being awake, but it being dead week and me having way too much catch-up studying to do is just making me want to sleep it off.  Sounds like a good solution to me, I can study in my dreams.

Ya, apparently I’m dreaming right now.

This week has been filled with some yummy paleo eats, and maybe one or two not so paleo eats. and lots of yoga. 50 mins a day so far, and it feels so nice

I’ve been starting my mornings with a coffee shake, well not really a shake.  It just tastes better when I call it one.

Just coffee and ice, this one happens to have a banana in there too.

I used my new magic bullet!! I’ve wanted one forever, but 50 big ones is just too much.  Luckily I found one on sale for 20.  I looooove it. I don’t love having more dishes to clean.

I also loveeee this chicken salad using the homemade mayonnaise I made.  It turned out perfect!

lemon roasted chicken, celery, apple, chopped walnuts, and dried apricots all in a dollop of homemade mayo

I’m obsessed with this salad!! I keep thinking about it, and drooling over it.  Guess it’s time to buy some more chicken. it’s crunchy and slightly sweet and just too good. Also too good is this reuben soup…

Cj has been obsessed with reubens for a while now, but since paleo = no rye bread he’s been without.  I did some googling and found this recipe at Heat Oven to 350 ! The half and half makes it not paleo as does the flour, but I used raw organic half n half and subbed almond flour and called it good.  I also reduced the potatoes from 3 to 1, used bacon fat instead of oil, and doubled the amount of meat. Having the best stirring assistant didn’t hurt either, thanks Stephy!

It was taste-tastic!!!! I couldn’t stop guzzling the broth, and it totally satisfied his craving for reubens. Deff will be making this again. and again.

After such a warm and yummy dinner, froyo was the natural dessert decision (NOT!).  It isn’t paleo, but it is gluten-free, which I’m happy with.  I skipped my normal yummy toppings and stuck with nuts, coconut, and fruit.

Chocolate and praline, can’t get too much better than that. I lied, throw in some trivia questions and it’s better

We had some fun on our impromptu froyo date… and I kicked his ass in trivia 🙂

Yesterday was mostly leftovers all day, but after yoga I had the best breakfast dinner

Love Bacon!! anyways else always hear that crazy dog saying “BACON!”  whenever ya see the word?

Maybe I’m still dreaming. Time to wake up and study! oh, and eat 🙂


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